1. Ben Affleck originally auditioned for Bullseye, another character in the movie. So did Vin Diesel

  2. There were plans to combine Daredevil and Iron Man into one title, because of poor sales

  3. David Bowie's ex-wife, Angie Bowie planned a Black Widow/Daredevil TV series in the 70's

  4. Daredevil once worked undercover for SHIELD, had plastic surgery, regained his sight, and was named Laurent Levasseur

  5. Because of that SHIELD arc, Kevin Smith almost quit writing Daredevil because he wanted to write Daredevil with sight

  6. The story in 317-318 was inspired by old cooking grease sold on the black market

  7. The 7 issues of "Parts of a Hole" took 16 months to come out

  8. 3 former Daredevil creators appeared in the movie: Stan Lee, Kevin Smith and Frank Miller

  9. At the time, Daredevil was the lowest grossing movie to make over $40 million on the opening weekend

  10. Cuba Gooding Jr. wanted to audition for the role of Daredevil

  11. Daredevil once fought a demonic vacuum cleaner, durring the inferno storyline

  12. Bullseye once dressed as Daredevil to commit crimes, and Daredevil dressed as Bullseye to stop him

  13. Frank Miller was 22 years old when he started drawing Daredevil

  14. Volume One ended with issue #380, but there were 381 issues in the first volume

  15. There was a Daredevil action figure released in 1997 called "Tank Attack Darevil", spelling "Daredevil" wrong

  16. In the Daredevil movie, Frank Miller appears as a corpse with a pen in his head. He is credited as "Man With Pen In Head"