An action figure of Daredevil!
A Daredevil lunchbox!
An awesome tattoo of Daredevil!
A Daredevil Watch!
A hoodie with the Daredevil logo on it!

A boy dressed as Daredevil for Halloween!
Some big fans dressed as Daredevil for Comic Con!
An awesome Daredevil designed guitar!

Although Daredevil may not be as popular as Spider-Man or The Hulk, he still has some dedicated fans. Some may just get something as small as a watch, to something as dedicated as tattoos. Kids who are fans of Daredevil may want something like a lunchbox or an action figure. There's even people who dress as Daredevil for Comic Con or Halloween. Daredevil isn't a superhero that's face and logo is all over the place, so it may be difficult to find items with some kind of Daredevil decoration. But people who are big enough fans, will try their hardest to find what they want.

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