Dr. Reginald Bushroot was a scientist, attempting experiments of combining animal, and plant DNA to allow people to feed through photosynthesis. However he would be mocked by his peers, for caring about the plants he used in his experiments. He also had a crush on a fellow scientist, Dr. Rhoda Dendron, who would often defend him from the peers who would tease him. When Bushroot lost his funding, he decided to try the experiment on himself. The experiment worked, but turned him into a plant-duck hybrid. He quickly found that he could command plant life to do his bidding. The first thing he did with his newfound powers, was get revenge on the two scientists who would constantly mock him. He strangles them with vines (off camera of course) then attempts to woo his crush. She rejects him, causing him to attempt the same experiment on her, only to be stopped by Darkwing Duck. However as time would go on, Bushroot would become a more sympathetic character. His crimes were mostly a result of him being desperate, being unaccepted by society, or one of his experiments going wrong. Such as trying to grow himself a wife, but her turning out to be a monster. He most likely joined the fearsome five to simply get revenge on Darkwing for all the times he stopped his plans. He also had a pet venus flytrap named spike. After the show's cancellation, the creator, Tad Stones, admitted that if the show had continued, Bushroot would have defected to the hero side.
Reginald Bushroot and Rhonda Dendron
Bushroot and Spike