Elmo Sputterspark, or more commonly referred to as Megavolt, is Darkwing Duck's arch enemy. During his senior year at high school, he was conducting an experiment on static electricity for the science fair. He was using a carpeted treadmill to power a lightbulb. However, one of the bullies who picked on him, Hamm String, taped his hands to the treadmill, and increased the speed drastically. As he laughed and left, Elmo was stuck to the Treadmill as the energy grew. There was an explosion of electrical energy, and when Sputterspark woke up, he found that he had the power to store electricity inside of himself, and discharge it whenever he wanted. However the side effect of the explosion, was his brain was supercharged, and several portions of it were burnt out. He now suffers from a sporadic memory, and the insane belief that all electrical appliances are alive, and being enslaved by mankind. His fur also would fall off of him. He would attack the senior prom, attempting to destroy Hamm String. However, Drake Mallard would suit up as Darkwing Duck for the first time, and stop him. Ever since the two have held an intense rivalry with each other. He has been shown to be good friends with Quackerjack, often teaming up with him for crime sprees. While his electric powers can be quite destructive, he will short out if he gets wet. He has also shown a deep hatred for the nickname "Sparky". In the comics, he would be shown to have retired after the takeover of Quackerwerks, sharing a desk job with Drake Mallard, completely oblivious to the fact that he was his arch enemy, Darkwing Duck. However, once he was kidnapped by the fearsome five (minus him and Negaduck) he quickly returned to the life of villainy he so enjoyed.
Elmo Sputterspark
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