Felix The Cat had a very humble beginning as a curious, mischievous and inventive little character as first conceived by New Jersey cartoonist Otto Messmer. He was more popular than the live silent movie stars and world leaders of the same era. His squat, angular, black body and huge, wide eyes and grin were instantly recognizable. He is considered the first true animated movie star.
It may sound far away, but it's closer than you think! One thing is for sure though. Trouble is trouble, no matter where you are.
The first image to ever go crossed any TV waves was a rotating doll of Felix The Cat in 1928.
Some people actually called felix as one of the most famous people of the time,more famous than some real movie stars.Some called him as "The Little Tramp"crafted after Charlie Chaplin.
I decided to chooses Felix The Cat because he was very similar to me and i wanted to do character that would be fun and whom i connected to.Also because he was fun and very energetic character with a great background and creator.