The Start- Felix the cat has many friends,there like a groupe of 8 characters but his main friend is kitty.His other friends are Vavoom,Master Cylinder,Skiddoo,The Professer, Poindexter,and rock bottom.
1922-Otto Messme created the Felix the cat created him in 1922 and was a very small thing till the first movies came out and he partnered with others.
Felix The Cat was famous in the 20th century and still is around through the 21st
Thought The 50s- By the end of the 50s, Joe Oriolo produced 264 five-minute episodes of the new Felix for Trans-Lux TV that were immediately picked up for first-run syndication. They were instantly embraced by not only children, but adults as well! The entire series of cartoons ran continuously for the next 20 years. These shows are still being shown around the world.
1923-Felix the cat bumps into the animated star of the year all the way in the movie capital of the world Hollywood ,USA.