Iron man made his first apparence in the comics in Tales of Suspense #39 which was produced in 1963. Tony Stark is a billionaire and he made his profits by creating weapons of mass destruction. He was taken hostage and forced to make his weapons for terrorist. Tony had a chest injury when he was kidnapped, to escape captivity he made a suit of armor. Once he was freed he began making more advanced suits that fought against crime. Iron man became a movie series in 2008 with actor Robert Downey Jr. being the face of Tony Stark There has been 3 Iron Man movies and he was also in the avengers


"A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist"

"I am Iron Man"

"It is better to be feared or respected? I say, is it too much to ask of both?"

Captain America-"Is everything a joke to you?

Tony-"Things are funny."

I find iron man fascinating because really anyone could be the super hero called iron man because it is just a suit of armor that he wears. Also he is a very smart person that can solve most problems.