Bill Finger

He was Born February 1914 and died at the young age of 59. Bill was better known for his work on "The Green Lantern" comic book series, but gave Bob Kane the idea for the joker by giving a picture of Conrad Veidt as saying " Here is your Joker."

Jerry Robison

Born January 1st 1922 and just recently dying in 2011. He was the man who first showed Bob Kane the joker card and sparked the idea of the Joker. The original playing card is at display in the "Master of Comics" display at the Jewish Museum in New York City.

Bob Kane

Born October of 1915 and died at the age of 83. Bob's first work with the joker was in the very first Bat Man comic. They got the idea from a foreign film "The Man Who laughs", that and the combination of a joker playing card.