Unlike most characters in America, Hello Kitty's design is manipulated constantly. 600 items are replaced each season to keep Hello Kitty collectable and the prices low.

Hello Kitty Pop Culture Series

Here is a link to 88 different variations of Hello Kitty associated with pop culture, many of which are designed off of American characters or icons.

In the U.S., Hello Kitty stands for "girl power" and whimsy. She is marketed more towards younger girls who still find appeal in "cute" things.

Hello Kitty is mainly seen on clothing and items in America. One third of her products are produced through collabs and other companies.

Although in American culture Hello Kitty is childish, this book found in Japanese airports contains a plethora of helpful information to English-speaking travelers. After all, Hello Kitty IS Japan's official ambassador! It contains how to hold simple conversations, introduces foreigners to Japanese society and its culture, and even how to order and cook food! This guide contains the basics for American travelers in Japan.