This is a map of the dreamlands, as featured in Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. Credit to Jason Thompson of, his webpage.
An illustration of a Night-Gaunt, whick were featured in the Dreamlands stories. Credit to Eric Lofgren
The Swami Chandraputra, from Through the Gates of the Silver Key, as he appeared in the videogame Persona 2: Eternal Punishment by Atlus.
A depiction of The Unnamable, of the work of the same name. Credit to Michael Bukowski of Yog-Blogsoth.
A depiction of the events which took place after Warren descended into the tomb in The Statement of Randolph Carter. Credit to user frohickey.
A lineart of Randolph in a sort of cave, or underground path of sorts. Credit to Havetvargar on Deviantart.
A replica of the supposed Silver Key which Randolph found during the work, The Silver Key. Credit to Warehouse 13, a television program on the SyFy channel.
The rear cover of an edition of Through the Gates of the Silver Key. Credit to the original illustrator.