Monkey D. Luffy lived in Foosha Village on an island in the East blue, one of the five seas in the One Piece world, and at the age of 7 befriends "Red Hair Shanks" an infamous Pirate Captain, while Luffy was with Shanks crew in the locale bar, he accidentally eats the Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit or the Gum Gum Fruit, one of the many mysterious and powerful Devil Fruits in the world. Eating the fruit turned his body into rubber and can now stretch, expand and sling shot his limbs with ease, but when you eat a devil fruit, you lose your ability to swim forever in trade. After Shanks and his crew left Foosha Village, his Grandfather took him to stay with a group of mountain bandits, where luffy meets his "older brother" Portgas D. Ace,(in most animes the last name usually comes frist, then middle, the frist; so Portgas D. Ace is really Ace D. Portgas, and Monkey D. Luffy is really Luffy D. Monkey)secretly the son of Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, as Luffys Father is the infamous Monkey D. Dragon, the Leader of the rebels that are trying to overthrow the world goverment, and after 10 years, Luffy sets out to sea to start his life as a pirate, and to serch for the treasure One Piece, and become King of the Pirates.