Pop Culture
One Piece is one of the top mangas(comic)/animes (tv shows) in the world. there is amlost 8 seasons of the One Piece show, over 700 chapters of the graphic novel(manga), and its own store in japan.
Anime and Manga in general is mega popular in Japan and America, manga and anime have been translated and published again into english for us to read and enjoy. you'll meet a few people dressed in one piece outfits at conventions and a couple of years ago the New York Times put in a full page ad for One Piece in there newspaper.
To me, One Piece is a lot like how some people feel about Star Trek, it was exciting, dramatic, humorous, and all in all, inspiring. Everyone wants to have the strength, the heart, and the dedication to fight for what we believe in. everyone has a dream, and thats really what the story is about, fulfilling dreams, and having the strength to die for those dreams.