Young Luffy, with his hero, Shanks eats the Gum-Gum Fruit. About ten years later, Luffy sets out alone to start his life as a pirate

Luffy meets Coby, and Alvida, he defeats Alvida and him and Coby set out to find a possible crewmate for Luffy, and to drop Coby off at a Marine base so he can join them.

Coby and Luffy find a island town where the meet Zoro, the Bounty Hunter, Luffy sets him free, and together they beat the tyrant-like Marine Lieutenant Axe-Hand Morgan

After departing with Coby, Luffy and Zoro find an abandoned town which is being held prisoner by the Captain Buggy and the Clown Pirates. There they meet Nami, and after Luffy defeats Buggy,she agrees to go with Luffy and Zoro.(not as part of the crew yet)

Again,Luffy's wanna-be crew find a village and proceed to look for a new ship, there they meet Usopp, the town lier and an excellent sharp shooter and Krou a pirate captain disguised as a butler named Klahadore that plans to take over the island. Luffy stops Kuro and invites Usopp to join his crew. in appreciation of saving the island, one of the villagers gives them a ship, The Going Merry

Next the newly formed Straw Hat Pirates find a restaurant at sea called the Baratie. Sanji is introduced and suddenly the ship is attacked by Don Krieg, once again Luffy is Victories and inv.Invites Sanji as the his cook on the going merry.however Nami has Stolen the ship!

Chasing Nami and the ship down to her home town, the crew finds out that Nami has been stealing to buy her village from the fishman pirate Arlong. Luffy, enraged that Arlong made his Navigator miserable, goes and defeats Arlong and destroys his base. after that Nami officially joins the crew.

now the only stop left is Loguetown, the last stop before the Grand Line.While the others shop and get supplies, Luffy goes to the Execution Platform, the same place the frist King of the Pirates died. Suddenly a storm comes in, Buggy the clown comes back with Alvida and try to execute Luffy on the platform, a thunder bolt struck Buggy and luffy was able to escape, then all the Straw Hats run to the ship before marines catch them and they head off for the Grand Line, the greatest sea in the world!