Charles Perrault was a French author, he created the story of Little Red Riding Hood in 1697. He called this story Le Petit Chaperon Rouge that was French for Little Red Riding Hood. The story first appeared in English in 1729. He was the first one to actually publish this story.

Charles had founded a new literary genre, the fairy tale of pre-existing folk tales. He was born in Paris, and came from a wealthy bourgeois family. Perrault has written several famous fairy tales.

The most well known fairy tales he has written are; Cendrillon (Cinderalla), Le Chat Botte (Puss in Boots), La Belle au bois dormant (The Sleeping Beauty) and La Barbe belue (Bluebeard).

Many of his stories were written by the Brothers Grimm, which continued on being printed and eventually went to opera, ballet, theatre, and film (Disney).

Perrault was a very influential figure in the 17th-century French literary scene. He was also the leader of the Modern faction during the Quarrel of the Ancients and the Moderns.