The Life of Little Red Riding Hood

  • Little Red Riding Hood was told as a fairy tale for several centuries. They were told by Italian peasants. The story was known as La inta nonna (The false Grandmother). This story was told in the 14th Century. It wasn't tell Charles Perrault printed the earliest version.
  • This fairy tale was from Italy, which was where Little Red Riding Hood was traced from in the European countries.
  • The version Perrault wrote implies more of both a sinister and overtly moralized meaning than other later versions. The redness of the hood had a symbolic significance in many interpretations of this tale, which Perrault introduced. The moral from his story was that young pretty girls do wrong by putting themselves in a bad position to listen to strangers. The wolf symbolizes someone who may look like they do no harm but all strangers are the most dangerous.
  • The Brothers Grimm by Jeanette Hassenpflug was the first of this version and the second version written by Marie Hassenpflug. The first version was the main part of the story. The second one was a sequel of the first. This version was close to Perraults tale, but the ending was modified, to where the little girl and her grandmother were saved by a huntsman. The sequels storyline was told with having the grandmother locked the doors, and lure the wolf down the chimney with sausages being cooked, and had the wolf come down the chimney into the water.
  • After the Grimms. Andrew Lang had made a tale about Little Red Riding Hood called The True History of Little Goldenhood in The Red Fairy Book in 1890. His version was told with the storyline being about the girl being saved, by her golden hood she wears not by a huntsman. The golden hood had burnt the wolfs mouth that is trying to eat her.
  • The popularity of this tale began to go off the chart in the 20th century. Many new versions were being written and produced.The Story the Big Bad Wolf was a reflected theme from Little Red Riding Hood. With making a theme off of Little Red Riding Hood, Walt Disneys animation had created a new fictional character called Zeke Wolf. This character Zeke Wolf, created a new story called The Three Little Pigs, it was released on May 27, 1933.
  • Little Red Riding Hood has come a long way and it is still popular, with making new movies based off of this fairy tale. It is also being referenced in TV shows, and Books written today.
  • In the tales told about Little Red Riding Hood Her only friend was her Grandmother, and in some versions her sidekicks with helping her against the wolf would be her Grandmother, and the Huntsman. Her enemy was of course the wolf.
  • In movies, books, and TV shows, Little Red Riding Hood has a variety of friends, sidekicks, and enemies. Determining on what how the storyline was written.